SOLTEC Japan Ltd.

Product Outline

Soltec providing Solution with Server & Application

Flexible Services and Support to establish Customer's Original Equipment from "Terminals" to "HPC servers".

  • Confirming to both Small-lot and Volume production
  • Selective technology of innovative/advanced or conservative/traditional
    • Optimal Cost-Performance
    • Selective menu of service programs
    • Technical Evaluation Program
    • Installation Program
    • Technical Support Program
    • Long Term maintenance Service Program
  • International Certification
    • SEMI

Soltec providing Technical Support & Maintenance Services for EOSL SUN products from SUN Workstation Enterprise Servers

Summarized Maintenance & Technical Service for "OLD SUN";

  • Providing compatible and refurbished products and/or modules to be allocated for maintenance
  • Providing technical support and recovery service including hardware/modules replacement

SAN Product

SAN Infrastructure

Fibre Channel Switches-QLogic
Fibre Channel HBA- Qlogic
SFP Transceiver and Cable

Storage Array Systems

EonStor series ( Infotrend )


HPC System

Data management Software

StorNext File System

- SAN File Sharing Software

StorNext Storage Manager

- SAN File Management Software


-Intel processor-based servers-Clusters
-Dual core AMD processor-based servers

FA Servers

-Industrial Ruby Servers

Networking Products

SOLTEC is a distributor of ZyXEL Communications., Proxim Wireless., and Juniper Networks. which is a global
pioneer in scalable broadband wired/wireless networking.
802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Mesh (point-to-multipoint and point-to-point), VoWLAN, Gateways, Routers, Switches, and
Security solution products are available.

ZyXEL Communications Network & Security Products

Wireless LAN Controllers ( NXC Series )
Wireless LAN Access Points ( NWA, WAC Series )
L2/L3 Switches ( Smart Managed Switch, Fully Managed Switch )
Security Solutions ( Next-Gen Unified Security Gateway Series )
Network Management System ( ZyXEL ONE Network Utility )

Proxim Wireless WLAN Products

Wireless LAN Access Points
Wireless LAN Client Adapter

Proxim Broadband Wireless Products

Point-to-Point Products
Point-to-Multipoint Products
Broadband Wireless Accessories

Juniper Networks WLAN Products

Wireless LAN Controllers ( WLAN Controller Series )
Wireless LAN Access Points ( WLAN Access Point Series )
Wireless Network Management System ( RingMaster )
Location Appliance ( LA-200 )